CIO Advisory Principal Affiliate

CIO Advisory Principal Affiliate

Vipin Jain

Vipin is an accomplished IT leader and change agent whose greatest strength lies in the ability to shape IT strategies and implement them successfully. He has strong expertise in creating a compelling vision, gaining buy-in, developing an actionable innovative strategic plans and delivering results – those founded in transformational change.

Vipin has a proven track record of leading IT transformations initiatives in a number of industries including financial (AIG, Citigroup, Merrill Lynch), public sector (Defense, Civilian, Homeland), managements consulting (Accenture, HPE), and product (Microsoft) firms.  He is a seasoned executive who is best described as creative, strategic, determined, passionate, loyal, relationship-focused and credible. (Doesn't say much about specific expertise - focus on 2-3 only).

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ipin  <educational qualification>. He currently resides in/near Washington DC.