Advisory Board Member

Advisory Board Member

Prof. Pauline REich

Professor Pauline Reich is an American lawyer and professor, writer, arbitrator/mediator, and consultant. She is Director of the Asia-Pacific Cyberlaw, Cybercrime and Internet Security Institute in Tokyo, Japan. 

Prof. Reich conducts research, producing publications, providing technical assistance and training for lawyers, judges, prosecutors, police, legislators, businesses, governments in the Asia-Pacific region and worldwide. She is a well respected expert on cybersecurity, and popular speaker at conferences in the United States, Europe and Asia. She is General Editor of Cybercrime and Security, a publication by Thomson Reuters and former co-chair of Working Group of American Bar Association Task Force on Cybersecurity Law based on Council of European Convention for Cybercrime.  

She is regular speak at national and international conferences and consultant to governments, businesses and international organizations. 

Selected speaking engagements:

  • APEC Symposium on Information Privacy in E-Government and E-commerce
  • CSI 2008, RAISE (Regional Asia Information Security Exchange)
  • Business Software Alliance
  • Cybersecurity Malaysia
  • Asian Institute of Technology
  • ITU regional Asia workshop on framework for Cybersecurity
  • CIIP, BILETA 2010.

Prof. Reich other interests include development of senior care communities and India-Japan cultural relationships. She received Juris Doctor of Law from New York Law School. She also holds Master of Arts and Bachelor of Arts degrees from City University of New York and studied critical languages at Princeton University. She resides in Tokyo, Japan and travels globally for consulting and speaking engagements.